Hiperson (海朋森) – Post-Rock ohne Altlasten

Die chinesische Post-Rock-Band Hiperson zieht auf ihrer Europa-Tour einen ganzen Kontinent in ihren Bann. sinonerds hat der Chengduer Formation vor ihren Konzerten in Potsdam (29.9.) und Berlin (2.10.) einige Fragen über ihre Musik und die chinesische Rockszene gestellt.

sinonerds: Hiperson is coming to Germany! Most people here still have to learn about you. What inspires and influences you guys?

Hiperson: If we had to choose one word to describe our music it would be: vitality. Our main influences are P.K.14, Joy Division and Fugazi. In our songs we talk about thoughts and emotions of daily life, our personal experiences, ordinary things such as the news or a conversation we hear. Observations of other people’s lives, which make us reflect on our own lives.

We don’t get to see non-classical Chinese music acts in Europe very often. What is your take on the independent music scene in China?

We think there are very interesting developments in the Chinese underground taking place right now, many different types of music and art, which should get better known internationally. Unlike Europe, China only has a very short (rock) music history, and therefore our music is sometimes described as “fresh” or “innocent”. Perhaps this comes from the fact that we have less musical references, less baggage.

What does it mean for you to be able to take it abroad and represent it in front of an international audience?

In that sense, we’re very happy and honoured to contribute our part to introducing to Europe all these exciting things happening in China. We don’t really know what exactly we can give to the European audience, it’s different for everyone, but we know that for us it is a very enriching experience, especially because the European audiences are still a mystery to us, we don’t know what to expect.

Last but not least: You are touring Europe, Potsdam and Berlin among many places. What can people expect and who should come out and see Hiperson live?

We would like to answer with a comment from an Italian woman in the audience, at our show in Perugia: “It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. They definitely, clearly have a Chinese sound, but the music is also heavy, jumpy, loud and so sensitive and delicate at the same time”. Whoever is tempted by this should definitely come out to see us!

Thank you so much! sinonerds wishes you a great tour and lots of new fans in Europe!



Arseny Knaifel

Arseny Knaifel hat Chinastudien in Berlin und Peking studiert und ist Gründer und Rapper in Chinas deutschester Band Feichang Fresh. Nach einem turbulenten Jahr in einer chinesischen Agentur für Social Media Marketing, ist er aktuell als Filmemacher in Berlin und der Welt unterwegs.

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